Twist Add threads right from Slack

Slack messages are nice in the instant, but often times it’s difficult to sustain on-topic conversations without losing track of what’s going on. That’s where Twist comes in – it offers teams powerful threads that help everyone have coherent discussions and come to transparent conclusions.With Twist’s Slack app, you can:- Create powerful Twist threads: Use the /twist command to create a new Twist thread. You can pick a Twist channel, choose to notify channel members or not, and write up your thread from within Slack.
– Turn messages into decisions: It’s hard to discuss important things in real-time. Create a Twist thread from a Slack message to make sure everyone can talk it out in detail, with all the context of the thread.
– Share updates, announcements, decisions, and more.Get started with Twist, an organized hub for work conversations where threads stay on-topic, information is easily found, and chat isn’t distracting.To learn more about using Twist with Slack, read this guide.Questions? Feedback? Reach out to us from