tscheck Get aligned and enlightened by checking-in together.

Get aligned and enlightened by checking-in together.Collaboration – in person or remotely – always comes with the possibility of a magical experience. Increase this chance simply by beginning and ending team sessions with checking-in and checking-out. By answering a question together, you start more aligned and close more enlightened. Because it isn’t always easy to come up with a good question, we’re happy to share our collection with you. • Simply use /tscheck to kickstart or close your session, project or day with a great question.
• Access the probably largest, most inspiring and established collection of check-in and check-out questions on the web.
• Accelerate team building and team effectiveness by creating some “social glue”.
• Support a culture of openness, trust and learning for better collaboration.If your favorite question is missing or if you’re curious about our other tools for better collaboration, please get in touch: [email protected]