TranslateInstantly translate text into different languages.

Translate text into different languages in four ways: using a global shortcut, form, slash command, message shortcut, or automatically.Use the “Translate Text” shortcut to bring up a form. Or simply enter /translate to get the form. Choose the desired language and enter your text. Then optionally post the translation to a channel.Or translate any message using the “Translate this message” action from the shortcuts menu for any Slack message.Translate text instantly using /translate [lang] [text] where [lang] is the language code (es, fr, de, etc.) for the desired translation and [text] is the text you want to translate.  (Square brackets shown here for example only, and should be excluded when using the /translate command.)Or set up Automatic Translation for a channel or direct message, so all of your messages — or ALL messages — are automatically translated (no slash command needed, no buttons to click, no copying-and-pasting). This is a huge timesaver for teams communicating in multiple languages.Translate has both free and paid plans. All features are included free for 30 days (no credit card required).

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