TINYpulse Respond to pulse surveys, submit suggestions, and celebrate coworkers – right from Slack!

TINYpulse is the leading employee engagement platform, offering innovative surveys, peer recognition, and anonymous suggestions to boost employee productivity and retention. With the TINYpulse Bot, employees can use TINYpulse’s Engage platform right from Slack. With the click of a button or simple commands, TINYpulse users can:* Respond to surveys – customizable queries that can range from “How valued do you feel at work?” to “Where should we hold the company holiday party?”. This provides actionable, specific data for executives to reference in decision-making.* Recognize their coworkers using TINYpulse’s popular “Cheers for Peers” feature, where employees can celebrate wins both big and small. This furthers a culture of recognition, which research indicates is crucial to employee engagement and productivity.* Submit anonymous suggestions to management, who can then address and resolve suggestions in the main TINYpulse platform, improving transparency and raising morale. You can also stream your Cheers and Wins Feeds into Slack by finishing the integration inside of TINYpulse. Learn more about how to do that here: https://docs.tinypulse.com/support/solutions/articles/44001856720-configure-slack-for-tinypulseTo get started, you must be the administrator of a TINYpulse account. Want to see the TINYpulse Bot in action? Reach out to us to try TINYpulse for yourself: https://www.tinypulse.com/To read more about TINYpulse Bot, visit https://www.tinypulse.com/slack
Give feedback to TINYpulse’s developers by emailing support at tinypulse dot com.