TimySend scheduled messages in Slack

Timy is the all in one solution to send scheduled messages in Slack. That’s why more than 8,000 organizations around the globe are already using Timy.1. /schedule
If you need a Swiss army knife for message scheduling, /schedule command is the right choice. Following features will be available for you with /schedule command and this is only included with PRO plan.• Send recurring messages (Every weekday, Every month…)
• Send unlimited messages in any time zone
• Maximum schedule time limit of one year
• Save time zone mappings for each user or channel
• Pause recurring messages if you are away
• Attach files to scheduling messages via web app
• Edit/Clone scheduled messages
• Get Slackbot notifications for scheduled messages
• Dedicated Timy web app to manage your messages
• User access management for workspace adminsEx: /schedule Can I get the weekly status update? 2. /send
The /send command is available for everyone and it’s FREE. You can either use at or in suffixes to schedule your message up to 24 hours in future as shown below.Ex: /send Happy Birthday! at 12am3. /timy
Using /timy command, you can list all your scheduled messages, open timy web app or get some quick help.Ex:
/timy list -> List all scheduled messages
/timy app -> Shortcut for the web app
/timy help -> Get helpApart from these commands you can also use the timy web app to send and manage messages easily.Get Timy PRO version to unlock all the great features and it will cost only, $6.67 per workspace, per month, when billed yearly
$8.34 per workspace, per month, when billed monthlyStart a 14 day trial period today and enjoy all the features.
No credit card required!Start using Timy right now and make your work more organized.For more details please visit https://timy.websiteNote:
Timy accounts are automatically provisioned with your Slack email address to provide you a better onboarding experience. Timy may send you some occasional updates via emails and you can fully customize these alerts via preferences or at app installation page.Happy Scheduling!

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