Timewax We believe in optimizing and streamlining processes during your busy day.

Timewax is project management and resource planning software. Our aim is to give project-based service providers something they all need: a handle on time. We believe that time has a major impact on the way that companies deliver their products and services to society.About our Slack app
Get notified in Slack when your schedule changes, your manager approves your leave application and much more. Keep your mailbox for emails and receive to the point messages in Slack. We believe this saves you precious time and helps you focus on what’s important.Some examplesProject status
You walk towards your car. You were at a client all day. Tomorrow you’ll come back to finish the job. Before you start your car, you report the progress of the project in Timewax. Your project manager receives a Slack message from Timewax, notifying him that you submited a progress update.Leave applications
In Timewax you submit an application for leave. With the image of white sandy beaches in mind, you wait for approval. Your manager receives a link in Slack that informs him you want to go on holiday. He clicks on it to view the details.The link opens the application for leave in Timewax and your manager approves your application. You receive a confirmation in Slack. Go buy that plane ticket!Time sheets
Todays job is done, your workday is over. Before you get into your car, you enter and submit your time sheet. Your manager receives a notification in Slack together with a link to view the details of your sheet. With one click, your manager opens the time sheet in Timewax and approves it.The Slack app requires a paid subscription to Timewax.