TimeHeroPlan tasks automatically in your schedule without leaving Slack

TimeHero is the only task management tool that schedules your work for you, so you can get more done. Add to-dos, events or entire projects, and TimeHero will find the time in your calendar to complete them. As new tasks or meetings come up, TimeHero automatically adjusts your work plan to meet your deadlines and notifies you if anything is going off track.With the TimeHero integration for Slack, you can create new tasks using the “create task” dialog to quickly get work into TimeHero, where it can be assigned, scheduled, and completed.• Use the /timehero create command to open a popup to easily enter task details, or
• Use the “more actions” option by clicking the “…” button beside a message and selecting Create task.Please note you will need a trial or paid account with TimeHero to use these features!

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