Tettra WikiA wiki to organize and share your team’s collective knowledge

Tettra is a simple wiki for organizing and sharing your team’s collective knowledge.While chat is quick and transactional, Tettra is built for documenting things that require a longer write-up – like product specs, company updates, and processes.Making this type of information quickly available from Slack allows your team to make better decisions every day.Simple
– An easy-to-use editor so anyone can contribute and edit knowledge
– Your team can suggest new pages and updates to existing contentSmart
– Tettra’s Bot helps make sure content never goes out of date with automated suggestions
– Analytics help you see what content is most usefulConnected
– Login with your team’s existing Slack accounts
– Get Slack notifications when pages are published, updated, and commented on
– Search Tettra pages right from Slack
– Suggest new Tettra pages from your teammates in Slack
– Integrations with other popular tools like GitHub, Zapier, and GoogleDocsSlash commands
/tettra find [search] Finds pages in Tettra and pulls them right into Slack
/tettra new [title] Creates a new Tettra draft right in Slack
/tettra request [@person] [title] Requests a new Tettra page from a teammateHappy Customers”We spend a lot of time focused on helping our customers succeed, and Tettra has been a great way for us to do the same for employees. Being built into Slack, a tool the team was already using every day, made it a no-brainer to jump on board.” Trish Fontanilla, Director of Customer Experience at FreightFarmsAt Unmortgage.com we’ve been using Tettra with great success. Lightweight enough (think medium.com usability) with nice Slack integration. In terms of price/UX, it’s a great win.” – Josef Wasinski, Co-founder at Unmortgage”Tettra gives our team the organization that Google Docs doesn’t. Tettra’s ease of use and non-existent setup time meant we started organizing and sharing information quickly – our team quickly started creating pages for use cases we hadn’t even thought of.” – Duncan Walker, Head of Product at JebbitCome visit us to learn more, see screenshots, and say hello

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