TellspinAutomatic User Group/Mention on-call rotation

# Support escalation policies with Tellspin!
Be nice to your developers with automatic user group (at-mention) rotation in Slack.# Fight @channel fatigue
Too many interruptions from #support can be annoying. Developers will appreciate only one of them being notified. A round robin rotation is perfect for sharing the load.# User groups, Channel, or Keyword rotations
Tellspin allows you rotate users automatically with Slack’s built-in user group handles. It also provides a way to specify a rotation for a specific channel or keyword.
For example, mention @Tellspin in #support and Tellspin will forward the message to your the on-call person in #support.# Easy to adopt
Select your developers and rotation interval. That’s it! Tellspin has daily and weekly rotations and automatically assigns and updates your user groups for you. You can further customize which day or hour you’d like to rotate.# Minimal Permissions
Tellspin only requires permission to view information about users and manage user groups. We can’t see your messages, nor do we want to! You can optionally grant permission to enable Channel of Keyword rotations.# Works in Slack’s free tier
User groups are a paid feature and aren’t available in Slack’s free tier, so you won’t be able to use those. You can, however, use a channel or keyword rotation by using @Tellspin.# See your schedule
Tellspin shows the current and upcoming week or month schedule directly in Slack.  Assign a rotation manager to that can schedule overrides for others on the team. # Schedule Overrides
Users in rotation can easily take shifts for one another. If Dave’s out sick today, Mike can take the rotation for him. Hopefully Dave feels better soon!# Customization
– Disable on the weekends! No-one likes being on-call on the weekend
– Set rotation days or hour. You choose when your week starts.
– Allow/Prevent users from scheduling their own shirts.

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