Team Success Do a one-minute Risk Assessment

Hey! Do One-minute Risk Assessments.We are safety nerds. You know one of those people who gasp in horror when you cycle by without wearing a helmet. We help teams manage risks.- When someone in your team notices an issue or risk, help them report it immediately. Create a no-blame culture.- Discuss project risks and report new ones daily, together with your team.For example, write:/risk What if the boxes in the corrider will cause someone to trip? /risk What if the change will cause our servers to crash? /risk Why don’t we have a policy about staff travel? Encourage your team to identify risks. The aim is to identify and solve issues before they occur, and to create a culture where team members feel safe to report risks. ———————————Sample One-minute Risk Assessment: 1. Description: Why don’t we have a policy about staff travel? 2. Estimate: Do you think this risk is small ┬ámedium or large ? 3. How might we manage this risk? Please write down your ideas in this thread.