Teamspective Grow your team’s feedback maturity with Teamspective.

Grow your team’s feedback maturity with Teamspective.We help high-ambition teams increase psychological safety, inclusion, self-direction, and work engagement by cultivating a healthy feedback culture. Through frequent, impactful feedback, it’s easy for professionals to find alignment, discuss pain points, and grow autonomously.Take control of your feedback on individual, team and organization levels with Teamspective – now through Slack!Features:
Team Pulse questionnaires
• Get your team
• Set up in 5 minutes!
• Create a pulse questionnaire based on your team’s needs
• Collect answers from your team in Slack or web browser
• Gain insight into what causes turbulence in your team
• Discuss and solve issues to make your team work Personal 360° feedback
• Improve your people’s feedback skills and help them stay on a growth path
• Use whenever you need more or better feedback
• We help people ask for, provide and receive feedback with insightful guidance to best practices
• Send feedback requests to your colleagues, team leaders, and customers
• Get guidance for giving feedback