TeamHubBroadcast what’s important, fun and trending to your office Apple TV, Android TV or Chromecast

TeamHub is a free digital signage platform that helps organizations improve their internal communication.
With TeamHub your team decides what is important & fun and makes it TV news. Broadcast your important and trending slack posts on your AppleTV, Android TV or Chromecast.Why TeamHub?No actual need to manage the content or schedule posts!
Once someone at your organization adds TeamHub to your Slack it all relays on your team reactions to the public Slack posts.
Each team member can be involved!
     •  Each team member can make it to the big office screen by posting important or engaging content, to which others react.
     •  Each team member can decide that certain Slack message is important to everyone and start broadcasting it on the big office screen by simply adding newspaper reaction to it.
     •  Each team member can decide that a message is inappropriate for the office TV by simply adding cactus reaction to it. To display your TeamHub content on the big screen use Apple TV, Android TV, or Chromecast.Empower your team to create their owns news out of Slack messages and see what really matters to them.

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