Teambot by TeambitMake feedback a daily habit

Create a high performing culture right from Slack
Teambit helps you to understand, develop and retain your team by making feedback a daily habit. We do it with regular surveys, reviews and contextual requests based on the work being done, so that everyone can feel heard, recognized and clear about what to improve. Receive notifications about new feedback, praise, requests, surveys and reviews
Whenever one of your teammates requests or sends feedback, you’ll see it in a direct conversation with our bot. And feedback added to praise will show up in a public channel, so that everyone in the team can celebrate it together. Send and request new feedback with slash commands
Use /send-feedback and /request-feedback to exchange feedback with your teammates right from Slack. Frictionlessly onboard and maximize adoption by your team
Enjoy an increase of up to 30% in team participation after switching from an email or web-only solution. Introduce a single solution to all of your team’s engagement and performance management needs
Teambit is a modern, lightweight and holistic tool that helps you establish research-proven processes to make your team more motivated, engaged and better performing. Connecting it with Slack, ensures that it’s right where your team is.

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