Team Time Zone PROSlack app to keep track of your team time zones.

Best Slack app and command to keep track of your team time zones.  Packed with useful features to easily plan meetings with your distributed team:- View your distributed team organized by time zones
– View your teammates working hours in a timeline (NEW!)
– Filter by channel or group
– Quickly view who is online or away
– Use the time slider to shift between different times
– View user details information and contact them via Slack direct message
– Select users and Schedule a meeting by sending email invites
– Useful visualization options like awake and sleep times
– Multiple visualization options to suit small and large teams
– Type /ttz on a slack channel or group to get an image of the team members by Timezone in the Slack windowTeam Time Zone PRO has been designed to provide an insightful and joyful experience :)

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