Team Feedback by Inkrement Seamlessly give and receive peer feedback. Even Anonymously.

Feedback is critical to employee growth. Seamlessly give and receive peer feedback within Slack.  Learn More1. Real-time seamless Feedback
No portals, or google forms. Timely feedback within slack.2. Keep a pulse on how your team is doing
Understand yours and your team’s performance and bring micro 360 feedback to your next 1-on-1.3. Let your team take control of their growth
Completed a project, milestone or a big presentation? Let anyone on your team (including co-ops) reach out to their peers to get direct feedback4. Earn your team’s trust by going beyond praise
Anonymous feedback makes it easy for vulnerable voices to be heard without fear.5. Build feedback habits ♾
Automated nudges from Inkrement keep your team engaged6. Download your feedback
Make your 1-1 more productive and avoid scrambling for feedback during performance reviews by easily accessing 365 days of micro feedbackInkrement is an easy and simple way to request and give feedback. Even anonymously. While Inkrement protects your identity during anonymous submissions from your workspace, Slack (the company) may still be able to identify you through usage data. Use Inkrement today to grow incrementally. Give and receive feedback on projects, presentations, and even team performance. Sign up for a free trial today