Slack Application: TaskOnBotThe All In One Task Management App Inside Slack

TaskOnBot is one of the most popular task management apps for teams using Slack. TaskOnBot helps individuals, teams or businesses stay organized. Part of being organized includes assigning a task to whom you want, visualizing the progress of tasks as they pass through different stages of completion, and check all activities in a single view.Learn what you can do with a single command /assign Create & Assign the task to your team members
Set due date & time of the task
Complete or Edit the task

In the Advanced option you can:

Attach or Remove file
Create a Recurring task
Set Reminders
Create Sub-task of any task
Make a Clone of any task
Add custom fields – Stage, Estimate cost & time, and more

Learn what you can do with another command /tasks

Filter your tasks by different categories like – Complete, Incomplete & Unassigned
Filter your tasks by Due Date, Status, Priority & Assignee
You can also perform operations like Assign, Complete, Remove on your tasksWait!! Somethings are still outstanding:If you do want to be aware of the different activities done by your team or to perform different actions then this can be seen very easily through our Dashboard. Yes, TaskOnBot web-app helps you and your team to manage and check different activities and make your tasks easier. TaskOnbot has been featured in app directory on Slack and used by thousands of teams
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For detailed information on how to use TaskOnBot with your team, read our guide: people are saying about TaskOnBot “Overall it has been a worthwhile addition to our portfolio and I am looking forward to using it more. The best part of the program is that even a non-techie can use this program and this has been the biggest takeaway from using the program, as in our organization it is used by everyone across a broad range of function be it clerical, financial, technical personnel”
– Ganesh S., E-PoS Systems (India) Pvt Ltd “I love it. Its very simple to learn and easy to manage.”
– Vishnu M., IBM “We were able to easily track old and new tasks”
– Chase M., Elon and Company “It was extremely easy to use once it was set up.”
– Mathew W., Mathnasium “Great so far, and looking forward to utilizing it more.”
– Rophe M., Booster For more information:
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