Tap My BackEmployee Feedback App – recognize everyday work victories and build continuous feedback through Slack

Tap My Back is the most intuitive employee feedback software. Feel the pulse of your organization by creating a continuous feedback culture. Align values through real-time recognition. Monitor employee engagement.    Build a Continuous Feedback CultureWith Tap My Back you can create a continuous feedback culture by giving feedback, asking for feedback and sending pulse surveys. Give feedback to your manager or your team member based on specific skills you can customize, have check-in conversations and track project based feedback. Ask for feedback through different surveys while controlling the answer format of the questions. This is a great way to make sure your team is all on the same page, by managing expectations, tracking goals and being able to grow specific skills. Improve Employee EngagementYour team deserves recognition for daily victories! Add Tap My Back to your channels and start motivating your team with the power of peer-to-peer recognition. It’s flat, public, social and allows anyone within your organization to recognize another person based on values or behaviors you want to reinforce. These are all customizable and trackable in the analytics. Feel the pulse of your company by analyzing the eNPS, your people’s mood and through pulse surveys that give everyone a say.You have 7 days free trial with access to all features. After that, if you want to continue engaging your organization subscribe to one of our paid plans.

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