Tamr Steward Get alerted when you get feedback on your analytics

Tamr Steward is the first feedback system built for analytics. Collect context-rich issues, collaboratively resolve them, and increase analytic usage.

Steward’s JavaScript SDK, Chrome Extension, and native plug-ins for analytic applications, such as Tableau, allow your users to raise issues from within analytics, annotate specific data points, share screenshots, and automatically share metadata for faster resolution.Get real-time notifications from within Slack when users need help or see an error with an analytic, before they abandon it. With Slack for Steward, you can route questions and issues with analytics to the Slack channels where the analysts, analytic developers, and data owners with the answers can help. A Tamr Steward account is a prerequisite to using this app. Learn more and get started for free at https://www.tamr.com/steward-beta/