TallyfyEliminate flowcharts and forms by digitizing all your manual processes and approval workflows on Tallyfy

Tallyfy empowers anyone to create and run custom approval workflows in their team. Stop re-inventing the wheel, watching tasks slip through the cracks and manually slacking people questions like “did you see that info?” and “what’s the status?”. You can make every repeatable process in your business predictable, scalable and consistent. Tallyfy works for any business process:1. Create the blueprint of a workflow, form, SOP or procedure.
2. Use it to launch every process.Customers use Tallyfy to run processes like client onboarding, employee orientation, custom approval workflows, pre-sales qualification processes, marketing approvals, financial workflows, and much, much more!Here’s how Tallyfy makes your Slack experience a lot more manageable: * You have no idea what’s important and what’s not. Blink and you might miss something. You’re addicted to checking your chats. Tallyfy solves this through a beautiful dashboard that makes sense of what is most important – and who is doing, what, when, how and why.
* How do you know the difference between a task, approval or action in a mess of conversation and noise? Tallyfy converts chat to action.Please note – you need a paid Tallyfy account, before using this app!

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