TactAI-powered smart assistant for sales teams. Now on Slack.

Tact is the sales experience platform used by Fortune 500 companies to transform the daily    sales experience in the field and maximize the value of their CRM investment. It turns a salesperson’s connected device into an AI-powered smart assistant that’s accessible through touch, voice, and now Slack. Make Tact a member of your sales team and have it bring your most critical sales tools — Salesforce, LinkedIn, Zendesk and more — right into the conversation in Slack. Just ask Tact in plain English like so:“What’s the latest on the Globex deal?”
“Can you find Stewart Butterfield at Slack on Linkedin?”
“Move the Globex deal to Negotiation stage”
“Create a task for Chuck Ganapathi to follow up with Lisa Simpson at Globex next week”
“Log a sales for Lisa Simpson at Globex”
“What’s the total amount of deals by stage this quarter?”Tact for Slack requires a Tact Enterprise license with access to Slack enabled.

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