SyftenA marketing assistant for teams hustling on Twitter, Reddit, Hacker News and other social news sites.

Syften helps teams stay on top of their social marketing game.Hunt for leads. Keep track of jargon words used by your customers and get an endless stream of leads.
Respond immediately when someone mentions your product. Be the first to address any doubts expressed online. And when someone posts a link to your blog give it that initial nudge needed for success.
Focus on features that help you expand. Observe your users in the wild, see what they’re struggling with and focus on solving real problems.
Keep track of your competition. Let your competitors’ acitivies be a source of your inspiration and their users’ complaints drive your feature development.
Provide outstanding user support. Customers are used to being maltreated. Stand out and don’t leave complaints (or praises) unanswered.
Blogger outreach that works. The first thing a blogger does after publishing a new article is to tweet about it. That’s the perfect time for outreach.Google Alerts doesn’t work for social news sites like Reddit and tools like, Awario, Brand24 or Mediatoolkit are designed for big brands looking for sentiment analysis of the hundereds of mentions that they get. Syften is specifically designed for online discussions. Small and mid-sized companies use it to grow their online presence, either with content marketing, hunting for leads or great user support.The following communities are supported:* Twitter
* Reddit
* Hacker News
* Product Hunt
* Stack Exchange
* GrowthHackers
* Indie Hackers
* Lobsters
* Blogs, Forums

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