Surveys Surveys for Slack. Because getting the right answers was never easier.

Surveys for Slack. Because getting the right answers was never easier.All kinds of people and all kinds of teams use Surveys to get the answers that matter most to them. Surveys lets you do all kinds of things right in Slack.
It is perfect for:
• Employee Engagement
• Onboarding
• Product Development
• Feedback
• Meeting Management
• MoreYou can use Surveys to check in with your remote-team, plan your next sprint and vote for literally anything around the company! Keep track of what’s happening and become a better team with Surveys.Benefits Get more for your money
      Surveys for Slack has the best price-performance-ratio in the market. Full stop. Getting answers was never easier
      Our intuitive interface is designed for Slack You. No need to memorize complicated shortcuts ;) Save time with real-time feedback
      Get notified the second somebody answers your survey and make data-driven decisions faster.♾️ Unlimited surveys for everyone
      All your team members can create and share as many surveys as they want. Forever. Never worry about your data
      All of our services are fully compliant with the strict EU data protection and data privacy laws. Use all features for free
      Use all our current and upcoming features for free.How it works1. Create
   Simply ask your question(s) and choose from 6 different answer types.
2. Share
   Send your surveys via private message or share them in channels.
3. Learn
   Use our analytics/results page to extract important information with precision.Make better decisions. Faster. Surveys for Slack.