Suggested Customer feedback, product roadmap & public changelog

Suggested helps you build better products, by using your own customer’s feedback to drive and direct your product development. We built a toolkit that bundles in a variety of tools for customer feedback & product development.Here’s how it works:1. Collect, centralise & manage feedbackSend customers to your product dashboard, where they can add or vote on features they want. Have a look at our own here Use votes as a barometer of which features to prioritise.2. Public roadmapKeep your customers in the loop of what you’re working on. They’ll see that their feedback is being listened to, and actually being used to guide product development.3. Product changelogOnce you’ve deployed your new feature, write a new changelog to announce the updates to your product to all your customers.How does Suggested work with Slack?Suggested will send notifications to your selected Slack channel when there is new activity in your project’s portal. This includes: – Notifications when a new comment is made
– When the status of a feature request is changed, for example from “In progress” to “Complete”
– When a customer votes on a feature request
– When new feedback is added.