Stretch Metrics Supercharges feedback on teams to boost achievement and performance

Stretch is a ridiculously easy way to supercharge a culture of feedback for teams, every single day Engagement
So simple that people use it every day, which fosters prompt and valuable feedback, and enables highly accurate insights Performance
Get a continuous pulse on you and your team’s performance so you can skip the tedious annual review Achievements
Keep track of the accomplishments that deserve recognition throughout the year Growth
Get vital recommendations for development and growth Advancement
Long-term growth data helps employees manage career opportunities and improve compensation Accountability
Hold teammates and managers accountable & ensure your voice is heardEveryday counts
Stretch asks teams one quick question every day, enabling a culture of continuous feedback and growth that will not only unleash people’s potential, but eliminate the need for dreaded annual reviews.High engagement, simply
Because Stretch is so simple to use, your teams will love it – in fact, once you decide to upgrade from Free to Pro, you’ll only pay when people use the product at a 70% engagement rate or higher each month.More insights, more often
Stretch collects thousands of data points that quickly identify trends like high-performing individuals and teams, declining performance, and even flight risk. It also encourages and gathers vital direct feedback between team members.This is a lightweight, simple hygiene check that gets people to give feedback that is meaningful. It’s worked its way into our culture.
Jared Allgood, JuxtaLabsDetails
People invite the Stretch Bot into channels where work collaboration happens. Stretch notices patterns of interaction organized around work and asks, once-per-day, for participants in those channels to quickly review the performance of those they work most closely with through a simple direct message where recipients respond by clicking on a button. This provides nearly instantaneous feedback to everyone on the team about how their work is perceived relative to the team as a whole, and in relation to their own performance yesterday, last week, and last month. Team members can additionally provide more detailed feedback to others via Stretch’s clever insights, supercharging a culture of growth.Channel members can interact with the bot directly via direct messages, to ask for things like their current Stretch Score (/stretch score), to manually kick off a review for another team member (/stretch review @teammate), or to set a number of configuration options (see /stretch help for details).A web dashboard is available to StretchMetrics users at