StoryPlanRun planning poker meetings to estimate agile stories in Slack

Effortless Planning Poker in SlackStoryPlan helps you efficiently estimate agile stories by conducting a Planning Poker in Slack. No need to send individual DMs, juggling through a myriad of tools. Everything happens in your Slack project channel, where your team lives.StoryPlan powers scrums daily at 2000+ companies, with more than 30,000 users Built for distributed and remote teamsOur users span across the globe syncing from different time zones. They tell us that StoryPlan has made planning a scrum, daily standups much easier for them. Enterprise Grid ReadyOur Planning Poker tool is battle-tested to work with multiple workspaces in your enterprise. Several enterprise grid teams on Slack are already using our tool to help them in managing their projects. Secure by defaultWe store only what is required in the functioning of running a Planning Poker in Slack. We don’t listen to conversations on your channels. All the critical data is stored only after going through a layer of strong encryption. Export your estimation pointsStoryPlan comes with a robust export command which lets you download all the estimates in a CSV format. You can use this file to transfer these points to the project management system of your choice. Automate StoryPlan with Workflow StepStoryPlan comes with workflow step to create and post a user story for estimation. Club it with Zapier or Jira to automate mundane stuff. How to use?1. Add to channel: After installing StoryPlan, add the app to the channel where team members are present./invite @StoryPlan2. Enter command: Type /storyplan followed by the story title to create an agile story for estimation./storyplan Fix the logo on the website header.3. Post the story: The previous command opens a dialogue box. Here you can optionally add a description of the story and select a pointing scale of your liking. When you are done, click submit to post the story for estimation in the current channel.4. Estimation and Results: You can ask your team members to put their votes for sizing the story. When everybody has voted, click on the button show result to know where the consensus lies. FAQQ: Is StoryPlan free?
A: Yes, all the features offered with StoryPlan are free at this point. We plan to introduce subscription plans soon.Q: Is my data secure?
A: We take data security very seriously. We keep only the required data for the app’s functioning and store it using robust encryption algorithms. The world’s topmost companies trust us. You are safe with us.Q: How do I export the stories people have voted on?
A: StoryPlan comes with /storyplan export command. You can filter the exported stories by a date range and channel name. You can only export the stories that you have created.Q: I want to use a different scale for estimating my stories?
A: At this point, we support five scales for sizing stories. Fibonacci, Modified Fibonacci, T-Shirt, and Linear and Powers of 2.Q: I created a story accidentally. How do I delete it?
A: Look for a menu with three dots […] in the story panel’s upper right corner. Click here and then select Delete Story.Q: I’m looking for storypoker, where is it?
A: In September 2020, with the launch of an array of new features, we rebranded storypoker to StoryPlan. CustomersOur customers include names such as Adobe, Autodesk, Disney, Expedia, and Dell.

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