StormboardNever miss anything happening in your Storms again!

Never miss anything happening in your Storms again!  Make your meetings, brainstorms, and creative projects better! Stormboard’s digital sticky notes and templated whiteboards help you collaborate with teams all over the world and turn your best ideas into action.If you use Slack to communicate with your team, you can now integrate Stormboard into your chats, making your workflow even more efficient. The notifications you will receive can be customized and include:    – If a new idea is added to a Storm
 – When an idea is changed or moved
 – Any comments or replies on your sticky notes
 – If you are mentioned in an idea or comment
 – When you are invited to a Storm
 – When a task is assigned or completed
 – If someone joins a Storm that you created Contribute via Slack You will also be able to add ideas, create new Storms, and ask for help all from Slack. You can also use “/addstorm” in any channel which will invite everyone in that channel to join your new Storm — no need to send invites separately!  Once you have connected Stormboard and Slack, the “Stormboard-bot” will appear under “Apps” in Slack. All of your notifications will be found here.  To turn notifications on or off, you will need to login to your Stormboard account. Go to Notifications under My Account — you can access My Account by clicking on your avatar from the Dashboard or a Storm — and click on the notifications that you would like to be active.

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