Stories On Board Get notified about backlog changes and answer mentions right in Slack

Never miss any important backlog changes. Install the Slack app to get notified and on top of it reply questions right in Slack.The notification preferences were highly upgraded, so you can tailor notifications and channels right to your needs. Stay informed without getting flooded.Learn more about the integrations: types● workspace or story map invites
● changes in access rights
● someone opens my boards for the first time
●  someone mentions me
● someone comments or makes changes on my watched cards
● someone post a message to board discussionAbout StoriesOnBoard
The typical product backlog is an endless flat list of features that the team doesn’t understand. Nobody’s connected, nobody’s on the same page, and half of the product vision only exists inside your head. This is the main reason for missed deadlines and unnecessary features that eat away at your budget.StoriesOnBoard gives you perspective – so you can think about strategy. It allows you to see what’s really important to the big picture, and understand exactly what the customers want.
From there you can:
● Share your product vision with colleagues or remote clients.
● Implement the right features at the right time
● Prioritize features into a release Then when it’s ready to implement, StoriesOnBoard integrates directly with your favorite project
management software.New to StoriesOnBoard? https://storiesonboard.comYou will need a paid StoriesOnBoard subscription to use this app, but you can try it during the 14 days free trial.