StkrShare a custom sticker with your teammates

Stkr is a sticker sharing application.  STKR COMMANDS :
* Type ‘/stkr’ in any channel to share an image.  This is the same as typing ‘/stkr share’.
* Type ‘/stkr help’ in any channel to get basic help information.
* Type ‘/stkr bug’ in any channel to get information on reporting bugs to the development team.
* Type ‘/stkr support’ to get basic support information, including a support email address.
* Type ‘/stkr settings’ (for Admins only) to change Stkr settings for the workspace, including if images are uploaded to Stkr, or shared with external URL links.
* Type ‘/stkr list’ to see a full list of all images that are available to your workspace.
* Type ‘/stkr share’ to share an image with your teammates.
* Type ‘/stkr add’ to add a new image for sharing.
* Type ‘/stkr delete’ to get a list of images to delete if you upload too many.
* There is a maximum of 50 images that can be added per workspace.
* There is a limit of 200 KB file size for uploaded images.

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