Stellar Payment Notifications Receive notifications when a payment to an account is made.

Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people.With this App you can subscribe channels to account ids; whenever a new payment is made to a subscribed account id a notification will be posted to the channel.Type /stellar to get usage information on the App.Type /stellar subscribe 123 within a channel to subscribe the channel to an account id (123 in this case). Whenever there is a new payment received for an account a message will be posted to the channel. The message will be visible to all members of that channel.Type /stellar list to list all active subscriptions of all channels.Type /stellar unsubscribe 123 in a channel to unsubscribe an account id (123 in this case) for a channel.This Slack App is free software, you can view it’s source code here: you encounter any issues or need support please visit