StatusbrewSocial Media Management platforms for Teams

Statusbrew is a Unified Social Media Management Solution for Teams and Agencies all sizes to collaborate and work together in a unified platform for all of their Social Media Campaigns and Brand Monitoring.Slack for Statusbrew integration helps:
– Keep your Team updated about Content Planning and reduces the time to approve post by instantly notifying the respective team member
– Helps reduce the time to reply by notifying your Customer Support team about latest conversations in Social Media
– Jump on Important Conversations about your Brand with our Realtime sync
– Instantaneous notification to Admins to re-authenticate Social Profiles to prevent your campaign posts from being failed to be posted
– Sends a Daily report about your Brand Activity on Social
– Available for Statusbrew Business Plan Users OnlySlack for Statusbrew helps us power-up your team to help them scale their marketing efforts and cut short the time spent on communication.

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