Stan Lee Bot Scours the Marvel & DC websites for data you’re looking for.

The @StanLeeBot scours the Marvel and DC Comics website to find information that you’re looking for and can do some other helpful functions.To learn more about anything Marvel or DC Comics related, use the slash commands /marvel and /dc.Here are some examples:- /marvel Ironman
– /marvel Infinity Stones
– /dc Batman
– /dc Justice League MovieFor help or support, use the slash command /stanlee with “help” or “support”.The @StanLeeBot can also shorten long urls into a short url. You can use the command /mrvlco. The format for the /mrvlco commands is as follows /mrvlco LongUrl [email protected] asks for your email so that if you want to keep track of your short urls or view stats, you can log into the URL Shortening Service provided by Don’t worry, we won’t email you or sell your email address to any third party. Your email address is to strictly create or update an account with (which is also developed by the same team that build @StanLeeBot).