Standups by JellStandups, check-ins and recurring survey bot. See why we have 5 out of 5 stars on Capterra!

Standups by Jell helps you manage your standups, check-ins, scheduled surveys, and goals to know what everyone’s working on.  See why over 50,000 accounts (Fogcreek Software, Tesla, Bitcoin, and Uber) use us!Built for Remote and Physical Teams Friendly BotUse the Standup by Jell bot directly from Slack each day to participate in standups. Powerful Slash CommandsMark tasks as complete, or add new tasks to your standup throughout the day with slash commands. Flexible RemindersSetup reminders to match your team’s schedule. Optimized for teams that work across multiple time zones. Configurable NotificationsGet notified when team members publish their standup or complete tasks throughout the day.Customizable QuestionsCustomize standup questions to fit your team. Or create additional custom check-ins. Browsable ArchiveRead everyone’s standup directly in Slack, or catch up on what you missed in the archives.Free trial available.

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