Standup Bot #1: Surveys & Polls via Text-Voice-Video

#1 Stand Up Bot for daily async meetings. Trusted by 50,000 teams from Intel, IBM, Adobe and more. Hot Features : Asynchronous standups & retro meetings | Scheduled surveys & Slack Poll | Text, voice & video answers | Conditional questions | Integrations | Video calls automation | Multi-admin access | Team Answers Analytics | Team Development. Automate daily huddle check-ins, retrospectives, 360 feedback reviews, 1-on-1, planning poker, backlog grooming, and other workflows. Save repeated questions in Q&A and /ask Standuply whenever you need to access it via Slack. Get access to hundreds of world-class experts to help and develop your team by getting answers to technology, management and marketing questions. A remote team can answer questions via text, voice or video messages. Run multiple reports on a schedule or asynchronously at users’ time zones. Customize questions using your language to support and improve team culture. Track work progress, business metrics, obstacles and team happiness 24×7. Integrations: JIRA Atlassian, Trello, Asana, GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Pivotal and more. Extract data from Redmine, Wrike, Basecamp, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL to Slack.Built for Remote Teams – Designed for the Enterprise Grid
• get productivity summary reports in Slack (DM/channel), via email or on the web;
• track business metrics & OKR, team’s progress, performance and happiness;
• share goals, to-do lists with tasks, status meeting notes, calendar agenda, run polls, brainstorm;
• share permissions with your team using multi-admin access;
• best-in-class industry mentors to educate your team and company employees persistently. Your Digital Assistant for Project Management in SlackThink of Standuply as a Scrum Master or Project Manager that works in thousands of teams and applies the best practices.
As a result, your Agile or Kanban processes run on autopilot, you save time and avoid costly mistakes.