Standup BotAutomated Asynchronous Standups for Slack

Standup Bot from is…* The fastest Slackbot for running standup meetings.
* The easiest Slack bot to get started with daily scrum meetings.
* The most trustworthy bot on slack to use for scrum meetings.Trusted by many thousands including Delta, DropBox, CBS, and way more.Standup meetings are the best way for leaders to ensure their teams stay on track with consistent progress… without lengthy email threads, missed calls, and scattered meeting notes.Choose a Slack channel and every team member will be asked 3 quick questions every day: What did you complete yesterday?

What are you working on today?

Is anything standing in your way?Standup Bot organizes this information in a summary; which will keep team members working hard to maintain their reputations with the team. And leaders stay updated on next steps, dependencies, and overall progress. Team members hold each other accountable. Standups are the perfect tool for CTO’s, project managers, and small teams. And even better than task management software, standup meetings do not require endless hours of data entry, project documentation, or tutorials to learn.Our team is USA-based, and we take the security of your data seriously. Other bots have bloated options, complicated features, and confusing instructions to learn. But with Standup Bot, you can have Standups running within 1 minute. Overview1. Perfect for remote teams of all sizes
2. Summary reports in Slack channel, via email, and on the web
3. Keep your team focused
4. Ensure consistent progressKey Benefits:1. Automate your daily status meetings
2. Daily check-ins for remote teams
3. Managers reduce mountains of daily emails
4. Hold team members more accountable
5. Historical reports on progress
6. Always know the status of projectsKey Features:1. Asynchronous meetings
2. Easiest app to get started
3. Time Zone reconciling
4. Awesome security of your data
5. USA-based team
6. Talk directly with the founders for support.
7. No confusing features that you’ll never use Give us a shot, we are very different than Standuply, Standup Alice, Geekbot, Polly, Sandup Jack, Troopr Standup, Standup and Prosper, Kyber, Standups by Jell, DailyBot, Simple Standups, Standbot, Agilebot, boffin Bot, beta-bot, Dixi App, Scrumbot, Howdy,, Tatsu, Scrum Genius, Status Hero, Progress Plum, MeetNotes, etc…

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