Standup Bot by TrooprSlack Standup bot to run standups, daily scrum, retrospective, sprint planning poker, backlog grooming meetings. Free for small teams

Slack Standup Bot by Troopr lets you setup and run periodic team check-ins for 1. Daily Standup
2. Daily Scrum
3. Sprint Retrospective
4. Sprint Planning Poker
5. Backlog Grooming
6. Any custom team check-inHere is how the Troopr Check-in works1. Troopr prompts your team to provide a brief update of what they are up to in Slack.
2. In Daily Scrum Check-ins, references to issues from Jira, GitHub are automatically expanded and linked.
3. Activity summary from tools like Jira, GitHub are automatically included.
4. Troopr compiles an aggregated report and shares in your Slack channel.Troopr comes with beautiful web reports, insights and tons of features. Read more about Troopr Slack Standup Bot is loved by thousands including Electronic Arts, Unity 3D, Adobe, Tokopedia, MGM Studios, Delivery Hero.Troopr is actively updated and supported 24/7 by our enthusiastic team. Say hi to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.Note: Troopr accounts for team members are provisioned based on their Slack email addresses. No email communication will be made to any team member unless they opt-in or triggered by another member usually to welcome them.

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