standbotRun daily asynchronous standup meetings with your team on Slack

Run daily asynchronous standup meetings in Slack and improve your team performance by having every member send updates on what they have been doing and report blockers. Improve your team’s performance by running asynchronous meetings
This standup meetings bot helps your remote and distributed teams keep in sync by running their dailies inside a private slack channel where everyone shares their updates. Get a report on your slack standups
Keep track of your team’s performance by having Stand-Bot  deliver a standup report on what everybody’s been working on, what tasks have been completed and if there’s any blockers.  Connect Slack and Jira for your dailies
Have your team report their status on assigned Jira issues to the bot Keep a record of your standup meetings
Stand-bot allows you to go back and see your past standup reports so you’re always able to check your team’s progress. FeaturesConfigure the time and recurrence of your stand-up by simply inviting Stand-Bot to your private Slack channelGet a notification when it’s stand-up timeCollect every team member’s individual status on what they’re doing, what’s been completed and if they have blockers.Get a report on every team member’s progress with their assigned Jira issues by connecting your channels with the Jira app, available on the Atlassian Marketplace Receive an immediate report on the team’s status and blockersKeep a history of past team statuses in an easy to access report

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