SquelchSquelch is the super-sidekick for customer support and success heroes.

Our integration with Slack is an on-demand knowledge management tool that helps customer support and success teams reduce customer churn, resolve difficult cases, and improve team efficiency. Installation and Use
Installation of the Squelch-Slack integration is easy. As a Squelch administrator within the Squelch app, simply add Slack as a content provider. You’ll be asked to authenticate with Slack and approve the app, which requires certain permissions in order to index your team data effectively and efficiently.Once you’ve installed the Slack app, regular Squelch users are able to access content from their Slack teams using the powerful intelligence and search features Squelch provides.Squelch is an award winning industry leading application that guides customer support and success agents toward the information, best practices, reports, and other associated tools needed to win renewals, upsells, and most of all, trust and loyalty.Why Squelch?
* Find the information you need when you need it from within your existing workflow
* We don’t take months or weeks to install – in fact, we can be up and running in a few minutes!Visit https://www.squelch.io/slack-app for more information.**The Squelch app will not function without a Squelch license, so please contact [email protected] for information on how to purchase.

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