Spot Bot Spot Bot connects remote teams or organizations by setting up scheduled or spontaneous coffee breaks.

Get the spontaneity of water-cooler conversations within your Slack workspace.SpotBot reduces the distance between people working remotely and improves the groove of your virtual team.We will periodically or randomly make groups amongst the members of a channel in your workspace for them to have a short coffee-break together and get to know each other better (we’ll also suggest some interesting conversation topics or ice-breakers).With SpotBot you’ll get:- Cohesive team
We want to make sure you keep a cohesive team culture and interpersonal relationships.- United remote-work
We want to make sure your company keeps united as one even in this tough remote-work times.- Water-cooler talks
We want to take the weight of making sure employees get proper water-cooler talks out of your shoulders.SpotBot works as simple as this:
1. Arranges small groups with configurable group sizes
2. Assigns short remote “after work” meetings or coffee breaks
3. Increases meetings’ productivity by suggesting icebreakers, topics and challenges
4. Improves the social connectedness in your organizationBetter connections are just one click away!