Spectrum Decision management to streamline collaboration among teams.

Spectrum by Biztera is a customized visual decision-tracking and workflow tool that eliminates pain points in collaboration among teams.Are your employees heavy Slack users? Spectrum has deep integration with Slack, allowing you to track, update and even create projects right from your workspace. With Slack and Spectrum, decisions are visible to everyone with a stake, avoiding meetings and saving precious employee time.• Create a project: To create a project right from Slack, enter /create-project to display a comprehensive questionnaire. Rules can automatically send requests and tasks to the appropriate people.
• Project Post: When a Spectrum project is created, we send a post to your Slack channel containing key details, statuses, and action buttons. People assigned a task will see a notification.
• Visibility: The project post is updated in real time as decisions are made and work progresses.
• Everything Organized: Upload documents in the Slack channel to attach them to a project, and use a thread to add a conversation to the project post.
• Daily Digest: Spectrum will post a daily list of open projects with pending approval or other work.Pricing: Enterprise licenses are available.