Soap Box Have more productive one-on-one and team meetings with the Soap Box Slack bot

If your SoapBox has been created using Slack authentication, please click the link to continue setup of the SoapBox Slack Bot————————————————————–The SoapBox Slack bot helps managers, employees and teams seamlessly build agendas to have more productive one-on-one and team meetings. Take important talking points out of pen and paper and manage meetings with the SoapBox bot. The SoapBox bot will help you:
• Set up meetings by typing meet with @mention the person
• View your meetings for the day by typing show people
• Start team meetings by typing /invite @soapboxbot in your chat
• Add agenda items to one on one meetings by @mentioning the person and typing your agenda item to @soapboxbot
• Add agenda items to team meetings by typing @soapboxbot and your agenda item. Not sure what to add? Our bot will make suggestions! Shuffle through suggested agenda items to build out your team meetings.In addition to the commands above, the SoapBox bot will proactively prompt you and your teammates to add items and prepare for upcoming meetings. You’ll also receive notifications for when team members add agenda items, notes or summarize talking points in your meetings. Powered by the SoapBox App.