Smartling View, comment, and resolve Smartling translator issues from Slack.

Smartling’s Slack integration helps you easily manage Smartling translator issues right from Slack!• View new issues in Slack
• Comment on an issue from Slack
• Resolve issues from Slack
• Mark Answered from Slack
• Link specific Smartling projects or languages to a Slack channel. For example you might want to send French translation issues from all projects to a Slack channel, or all source issues to another channel.Smartling’s Slack app requires a Smartling account. Smartling is the leading translation management platform to localize your content across devices and platforms. From robust APIs allowing seamless transfer of content, to powerful analytics tools, project management capabilities, and a cloud-based CAT tool, Smartling provides businesses with all of the tools they need to manage translation projects quickly and efficiently.To learn more about Smartling and how we can help you localize your content, head to