Slash Map Find your coworkers, meeting rooms and anything else.

Hello, I’m SlashMap!With a simple /map Location command, you can search for people and places around your office, right within Slack.Get a map with marked location in Slack. Don’t ping anybody!
Browse and manage maps and locations from a user-friendly web dashboard.Here’s what you can do with SlashMap:
Locate where your coworkers are seated
Find meeting rooms
Search for kitchens and other common areas
Browse the map of your office to see who you are working with
See where remote employees are locatedStraightforward setup:
Upload a picture of a floor plan – it can be a quick picture taken by your phone, a hand drawn sketch or a JPG/PNG file
Mark locations – on the floor plan using a web application
Easily find everyone and every roomWhy SlashMap:
Saves your time and money
Available right within Slack
Easy to use
Helps you grow – enables more efficient onboarding
Works at the blink of an eye
Scales up to the size of our universe – add unlimited locations
All data is kept securely and transferred in a safe manner
We don’t store any emails and we won’t email you
Available on mobile and desktop devicesVisit for more details.For any kind of assistance in case you encounter a problem or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us using the email below.