Silo Measurement ⚡ by RootsMeasure social connectivity within your organization!

Welcome to Silo Measurement by Roots! This app measures social connectivity data within your organization and understands how much cross-functional exposure each individual has based on the various Slack channels they have been added to. It’s perfect for remote teams , high-growth startups , and large enterprises where it can be easy for individual contributors to feel isolated and disconnected from the company.Getting Started: Just install the app and you’ll start seeing data populate instantly in terms of: individual connections and connection strength
company and department exposure for each individual
users who may feel isolated and siloedData Privacy: The app purely looks at channel structure and NEVER reads any messages within your workspace. So you have actionable data on social connectivity without ever needing to grant the app sensitive permissions.See what the world is raving about and start your free 30-day trial of Silo Measurement by Roots today!

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