SignOffThe faster way to get campaigns live and showcase your results

The marketing campaign sign off process can often be a complex and frustrating experience: Multiple documents, email threads, chasing stakeholders and inconsistencies along the way. Surely there must be a better way?SignOff by TrueNorth gives you a faster, more consistent way to get your campaigns live. Achieve sign off with consistency, clarity and confidence with campaign details, stakeholders and results all in one place.Here’s how it works: Start your campaign- Slash Commands:With slash commands, you can create new campaigns by: /signoff- Shortcuts: ¬†Use the shortcut on the message row to start a new campaign.- SignOff App Home: ¬†Create and view all your campaigns from the Home app view. Create your campaignStart building your campaign by entering the type of campaign and giving it a name. Add campaign detailsEnter the details about your campaign, what channels, start and end dates, budget, expected results, required resources, record a video and much more. Reviewers and approversAssign people on your team to review your campaign and people to approve the campaign. Reviewers can give feedback and once all reviewers have approved your campaign you send your campaign to be approved by the final approvers. Get your campaign liveOnce all the approvals have come in you can now get your campaign live. Share resultsWhen the end dates arrive for your campaign, SignOff will notify you and ask you to enter the results of the campaign. These results will then be shared with the team and approvers. Stored and centralised campaignsView all your companies campaigns in one place and access their results.

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