Short Break From Work Employee Wellness for Remote Teams

Employee Wellness for Remote Teams
It is way too easy to slip into bad habits when working from home.• Your back start aching from all that sitting.
• Your head hurts from spending too much time on social media.
• And the list goes onBut creating a healthy habit isn’t that hard.
You just have to make it easy to do!
Which unfortunately is hard. It all starts with giving yourself a break.
Over and over until it sticks.Short Break From Work makes it easy to stick to your healthy habits.What users are saying
“Working from home, I easily get so caught up in work that I forget everything else.
The Short Break From Work app reminds me to take an active break every now and then, which gets my energy levels up and my body moving.
It nudges rather than nags and never gets intrusive. And I love the wide variety of different breaks it offers.”
– Helen Toomik, Senior Developer at Tretton37So why is it important to take breaks?
It’s not an accident that creative breakthroughs don’t happen when you focus on the problem.
They come in the breaks between the focused sessions when you release control of your thoughts and let your brain do what it is good at; being creative.Taking regular breaks during the day keeps you productive and focused on the right problem.