Share To Slack Chrome ExtensionA Google Chrome extension allowing users to instantly share a website they are browsing directly to a Slack channel or user.

Share To Slack is a Google Chrome extension / Slack application that allows users to quickly and easily share the website they are browsing with any Slack channel or individual user within their organization, without having to navigate away from the website itself.Users simply find a website of interest, hit the Share to Slack extension icon, select a channel/user and “Share to Slack”.Share To Slack presents the user with a list of their private and public channels, (as well as individual users within their organization), within a single autocomplete dropdown for easy access. If users wish, they may also add a custom message when sharing a website to add some context to the share.Share to Slack is a free application that does not contain any paid features.Share to Slack does not store the emails of users of the application, for contact purposes or any other reason. Rest assured, we will only reach out to the user if it is in response to a user comment/question.Share to Slack will only reach out to users if users have first reached out to Share to Slack in relation to behavior of the application.Share to Slack does not store any user data retrieved as a result of the user authenticating with Share to Slack.

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