Sales Screen Push Sales Screen feed messages to Slack channels of your choice!

SalesScreen is a sales performance software that uses visualization and gamification to help organizations build happier, more productive workplaces. SalesScreen brings your data into one place, integrates with your existing CRM and makes daily work-life collaborative and exciting through peer-to-peer recognition and competitions. As a result, customers experience stronger sales culture, lower turnover, better awareness of goals and increased activity on the metrics that drive revenue growth.Now you can push your SalesScreen feed messages to Slack channels of your choice in real-time! You decide which public or private Slack channels should receive messages from which team, activity type or even activity. You can also import users from your Slack workspace into SalesScreen.*Note: a paid SalesScreen account is required in order for this integration to work. If you are not already a paying customer, please contact us at to learn more and inquire about pricing plans.