RuddrA professional services platform for companies that love Slack

Ruddr is built for small-to-midsize professional services teams that love Slack. From consulting firms to marketing agencies to IT outsourcers, Ruddr helps you run a better services business.Ruddr captures all operational data related to clients, projects, tasks, time, expenses, and invoices. Ruddr then surfaces key insights into that data via dashboards, reports, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Additionally, Ruddr continuously monitors your portfolio of projects and identifies exception conditions such as missing time entries or outstanding time/expense approvals.Ruddr was designed from the ground-up to leverage the power of Slack. Common features in Ruddr, such as time tracking, can be accessed directly within Slack. Users do not have to context switch between applications. Ruddr also leverages Slack for real-time notifications to individuals and project teams.How is Ruddr different than its competitors?• Ruddr was designed for the modern distributed workforce. Professional services team members can be spread out across the globe. They may be at client sites, working from home, in transit, or at the office. By integrating with modern tools for distributed teams (such as Slack), Ruddr helps you maintain productivity and performance from any location.• Ruddr is built for the SMB professional services team. One of the problems with professional services software is that it can get complex and convoluted. Software built for the enterprise is overkill for the SMB community. Ruddr is right-sized for the SMB services operation.• Ruddr has a world-class user experience (UX). Professional services software is notorious for having a poor user experience. From the design to user interaction, Ruddr has been built to provide an intuitive and pleasing experience.• Ruddr is your copilot. Ruddr is continuously monitoring your portfolio of projects and proactively identifying trouble spots often before your team notices them. This helps inform strategic business decisions, stabilizes financial performance, and improves organizational scalability.What are some of the main features?• Best-of-breed time tracking. One reason consultants hate professional services software is that it takes too long to enter and manage their time. Ruddr solves this by providing multiple optimized time tracking views. Team members can use the view that best supports their style of work. Also, an auditing screen makes it simple to find and edit past time entries.• Designed for Slack. The Ruddr integration with Slack allows users to interact with Ruddr features without ever leaving Slack. Ruddr’s seamless integration with Slack allows you to maximize productivity and reduce context switching.• Real-time Slack project channel alerts. Sometimes project managers forget to keep the team apprised of important project events. When project channel alerts are enabled for a project, the entire team is kept up to date on activities such as new project team members, status changes, task changes, invoice publishing, etc.• Member direct message notifications. Ruddr will notify members via a Slack direct message when it sees a potential cause for concern (such as missing time entries for the week or month).• Track vital KPIs. Ruddr provides a dashboard for each project that includes important KPIs such as realization rate, effective rate, and services margin. Additionally, Ruddr tracks organizational metrics such as billable utilization.Want to learn more?• Ruddr website. Visit us at• Ruddr help center. Visit our help site at• Contact us. Visit our contact page at or email us at [email protected]

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