RosterBirdRoster scheduling made simple

RosterBird is a dead-simple roster management solution for Slack.  You can setup rosters for anything for how many ever people you like with.RosterBird handles all the complexity behind scheduling, assigning and notifying people so that you can focus on something else.Setting up RosterBird is simple and you can create yourself your first roster in just three steps and takes 5 minutes max.* Add RosterBird to your Slack – Click the Install button.
* Select your members from your Slack team you like to import into RosterBird. You will be presented with the list of members in your Slack team and you can select how many ever you want (you can always change this later).
* Create a Roster – select your days, members for your roster. That’s it!Your Roster schedule will now be automatically generated and your team members will be reminded on Slack when their day is up on the roster

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