Roll Dice Roll any dice with just a command. And it supports multiplayer!

Roll Dice’s main features- Throw as many dices as you want, with as many sides.
– The other members can also participate in the same game, using the “Roll” button.
– Throwing multiple times per game is possible.
– The rolls are grouped by the number of the attempts and sorted chronologically.How to use it?Default dice
To roll a 6-sided dice on time:
Type /roll-dice in any conversation and press Enter.
Custom dice
To use the dice standard notation type the slash command followed by the mode (2 20-sided dices in this example):
/roll-dice 2d20What can it be used for?- Role-playing games, such as D&D,
– pick who should be the timekeeper of a meeting,
– decide where to go for lunch today,
… you can roll a dice for pretty much everything :D